Photoshop Training

Our Adobe Photoshop training course has been designed to give you a complete overview of Photoshop getting you working effectively fast. This Photoshop course is very popular as we cover all aspects of everyday image editing, whether your wanting to brighten an image, fix a color issue, remove an unwanted object, create a collage of your images, or apply creative effects to an image. If you like having fun while you learn this course is definitely for you. You can even bring your own images along and your trainer will help you learn Photoshop using your photos.

Monday Evenings 7-8:30p
November 21st—December 19th
Optional Intro Class November 17th 7-9p free for students

 Who should attend this Photoshop course?
- Beginners with no or little Photoshop experience
- Self taught Photoshop users
- Amateur Photographers
- Sales and Marketing Staff
- Students and School Teachers
- Office Administration Staff
- Photoshop 7.0 Users  

Things you will do and skills you will gain by attending this course

- Learn in an easy to understand format
- Learn to enhance image color, remove unwanted objects, create collages
- Develop effective image enhancement skills
- Get images looking their best by developing color correction skills
- Understand layers & how to work on your image non-destructively

Enrollment Requirements:
* Laptop w/Photoshop
* Pre-Pay before 1st Class

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