Tips for Your Success

  • Help Someone with Something Every Day - This may sound like some kind of "Pay It Forward" hype. In some ways it is. We give guidance to so many who are just getting going in their careers or business that were looking for advice. Some of them became successful and some did not. The successful ones have returned the favor 100 times over or more. They refer us, they encourage our business, and give us opportunities that we would have otherwise missed. This isn't limited to business. If you mentor someone, you'll be seen as a natural leader. We have always seen a strong correlation between leadership and success.
  • Make Mistakes - Jen quit teaching and took her first “real” job with a top ten communications company. It was a very high profile job as she trained the CEO on internal business changes. She was 26 and he was 46 with many successful businesses under his belt.  The thought that she would make a mistake scared her to death. She was petrified she would make a huge mistake and he would fire her until the day that she made a mistake. A strange thing happened. No one got upset with her, and she was able to recover pretty quickly. From that experience, she learned to always have a back-up plan. This allowed her to take some risks, experiment more, and eventually produce ideas that saved the companies training department thousands of dollars each month. Just as importantly, she realized that she should tolerate other people's mistakes better.
  • Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Individuals - There are studies that show an individual's income will be somewhere around the average of your closest five friends. That formula works for us and our closest friends. There are also studies that show your weight will reflect those who you hang around with. It makes sense if you think about it. If your circle of friends likes to bounce business ideas off each other while playing working out, you'll probably put yourself closer to the path of prosperity than if you tell fart jokes while eating wings and beer.
  • Exercise - Whenever we work out, we are pumped up with endorphins for hours. It feels like nothing can stop us - as if we could run up a mountain. Instead of running up the nearest mountain, we focus that energy on our list of goals and churn through it like never before.
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