Social Media Team Approach

Representing a company externally carries a lot of power & responsibility. Most companies look for  communication skills,self starter, business/marketing knowledge, understanding of company. Something that is overlooked is management skills, navigating politics, negotiating skills & excellent client communications.
Something that we consider paramount when working with clients on social media marketing is turning the role upside-down, focusing on integrating social media throughout their organization. We drive the campaign of the company, per the CEO's vision without being one voice, but rather having the team members create the overall voice at all company levels. 

For complete success we must ensure all company profiles are claimed, optimized, promoted & managed. We want to create invaluable intimate industry & company-specific knowledge. This distributed approach to content creation gives you greater flexibility to respond to critical issues & opportunities. Plus we stay on top of the latest social media tools, trends & tactics.
Start rethinking your current social media strategies. If you’re lucky you may only need to refocus your current team members. If you don't have this person(s) in place we would be more than happy with an opportunity to elevate your company today.

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