Favorite Facebook Business Pages

What are some of your Facebook Business Pages?

Your business page can boost your business. It is key to create a social media business personality which molds your brand. What is your business brand? Do you express your personality via social media?
Baccardi Silver has done some interesting things with their page.

  • They offer a status update generator. Of course the status they offer tie back to them - ingenious.
  • Their page admins post status updates that our entertaining. They don't just say, "Buy Baccardi Silver".
  • Baccardi Silver offeres a rule page. They did a great job in writing their rules which makes the boundaries clear:

"Like party crashing and toga wearing, Bacardi Silver should always be enjoyed responsibly. And the same goes for our Facebook page. Anything inappropriate, offensive or suggesting irresponsible consumption will get thrown out of the party and off the page."

What is your favorite Facebook Business Page? Go "like" Night Owl 918!

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