Networking for 2011

We recently read an article on tips for networking. They were lame. We are going to share our tips on networking for the real world. We will mix some old school ways with 2011.

1. Networking just isn't for networking events. You network all the time. Or at least you should be
    meeting  new business contacts all the time, everywhere you go. Think about that next time you are in the
    local boutique or restaurant.

2. Be Memorable. And not in a crazy way. Be sure you shine & use your gifting when meeting new business
    contacts. As my Dad always taught me, "Look them in the eye & shake their hand!".

3. Social Media Strategy. If you don't have one for networking get one. ASAP. Go make friends & "like"
    strong business contacts. Businesses are growing through these connections so use it to your advantage.

4. Don't just hand out your card. As my mom always said, "Ask your friend if they have one too."
    Meaning, after you give your card, ask them for their card. Make a note on it where you met & something
   specific that stood out about them. Then use that information when you follow-up or see them again.

5. Be yourself. Not a cheesy salesperson version of yourself. People are savvy today. They can spot a fake
    a mile away. Would you want to do business with a phony? So why would anyone else?

If you find networking does not come naturally try to have some fun when doing it. Make a game of it. See how many people you can meet or give your business information to in a week. Remember to contact Night Owl 918 for a unique networking plan to succeed your business.

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