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I heard Craig Groeschel speak this weekend on his church's 15th anniversary. He is marketing major and applied ideas he learned in college to church leadership. One idea he has implemented that many have scoffed at - giving resources for FREE.
 Do you have a cell phone? Do you have a computer?  Do you have a Bible app? 
If it's You Version it's free from

Many have offered him millions to buy it. Many have told him to charge .99 for it. He says no,  God's Word should be free for everyone. Mr.Groeschel gives away tons of resources to churches. Their stance on this -  "We're passionate about freely sharing resources that bring people closer to God".

What are you passionate about? 
Would you give away free resources to help someone find their passion?

Many businessmen would say it is not good business sense to give away your resources for free. began in 1996 in Craig's garage with 40 people. 15 years later they are in 6 states with over
 26,000 members and the 2nd largest church in the nation. Mr. Groeschel would tell you giving away free resources hasn't hurt their growth one bit.

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