Newsletters so Two-Thousand and Eight

What no one is writing about is that there is a massive lack of expertise in our industry. Specifically, the expertise that is required to design relevant, innovative and complex email marketing programs. Many email marketers can tell you about mail branding, hard/soft bounces, dedicated IPs, but very few can design an end-to-end email marketing program from a strategic point of view. Even fewer can also implement a complex program so that it does not become an operational nightmare with costs far outstripping the benefits.

The main problem is that there is a massive lack of knowledge and thinking about email marketing program design. Many marketers spend hours gathering content and compiling newsletters, but very few ever sit down to think what kinds of email communications will be relevant to their consumers. What personalized or customized content should they contain? And what customer actions or life cycle events will trigger these communications? The answers to these questions will differ for each industry and for each marketer, but one thing is clear: one-size-fits-all monthly newsletters are never the answer.
The smartest email marketers have the user experience to become more relevant, more personal and more timely. But even if you know how to design an email marketing program, most marketers cannot deploy their ideal program on an operational level. It is simple to deploy a monthly newsletter manually, but when you want to send millions of unique emails at different intervals to different users 365/24/7, manual email compilation and deployment is so two-thousand and eight!
Your business  needs a technology solution.. The high-end ESPs are doing their best to make their tools powerful and flexible, but even the best ones require a significant amount of technical integration to really make a program work.

So why are marketers still sending newsletters?
  • They’ve been too busy dealing with spam and compliance to think of anything else
  • They don’t have the training, experience or will to design a comprehensive email newsletter campaign
  • They don’t have the technical expertise or resources to implement these programs so that they run in an automated and efficient way.
We need to stop sending default newsletters for email marketing to flourish and remain relevant to consumers.
Night Owl has the savvy marketers to design a custom newsletter campaign for your business. Contact Night Owl today to begin designing your 2010-2011 successful program today!

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