Competition Benefits

Understanding the competition is a crucial business activity for any entrepreneur or business executive.
Not only can you learn best practices from competitors, but you can also learn to avoid the mistakes they make.
Keeping track of who your competitors are, what people are saying about them, and what they are saying themselves can help you differentiate your business and stay ahead of trends that could impact your business. Staying smart on the competitive landscape helps you make very practical decisions around product development, pricing, promotions, messaging, as well as where you fit in your brand.
Conducting a competitive assessment should be an ongoing process, one in which you continue to deepen your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
Every business should gather information about the competition and most already do - even if they don't formalize it into a competitive research process. Everyone really needs to do competitive research regardless of how large you are or what you are selling.
There are a series of business benefits you can gain by having insight into your competitors, particularly if you track products, prices, staffing, research and development, and other aspects of the competition on an ongoing basis.
The following are potential business benefits from conducting competitive research:
  • Understanding the market.
  • Better targeting customers.
  • Forecasting the potential for the market.
  • Figuring out how the economic climate impacts the market.
  • Understanding what competitors are offering.
  • Keeping tabs on competitors' prices.
  • Determining offerings in ancillary markets.
  • Finding new customers.
Night Owl Public Relations will take this research and do it in an organized and systematic way to create an actionable strategy from the findings. Most every company gathers competitive intelligence, even though they may not define it as such. We're all aware of the business environment we're selling into, how our operations are functioning, where we can sell in the future, the "profitable areas". 
Now let Night Owl take your business to another level. Let us track competitors and assess the competitive market on a regular basis. We invest our time for businesses of any size to develop a framework for making competitive assessments, gather intelligence on business rivals, and position your brand, products, and company successfully in the marketplace. Contact us today!

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