Staying Focused & Motivated

It is difficult to start a business and sustain momentum. Staying focused & motivated can be a challenge. 

Why do businesses fail in the first year? Your first answer may be funding. Would it surprise you to know that most fail due to losing interest & motivation in the business? It's true.
Pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. This pressure taps our insecurities which leads to fear, stress, worry; ultimately burn-out.
How can you stay focused, motivated for your business? 
1. Seek support. Join local business networking groups. Start a business small group. Surround yourself with business stars. Make sure you are not the smartest one at the table. This will ensure you are receiving sound feedback & business advice from those who are succeeding.
2. Margins. Build in daily, weekly, monthly margins. What is that saying? The thing you can count on is change. When planning your business be sure to schedule in time to handle the unexpected. Schedule down time for yourself. Give yourself breathing room.
3. Inspiration. What inspires you? Surround yourself with pictures, quotes, music & people that spur your creativity. Read books that have nothing to do with business. Give your brain a little vacation.
4. Serve. Volunteer to teach kids about business. Call your local homeless shelter & see if they can use you to teach computers or serve food. Giving back is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is a great reminder of how blessed we are in life.
5. Exercise. It releases endorphins in the brain. It gets your muscles moving. It pushes you & ultimately makes you stronger not only physically, but mentally.

"Success comes from core beliefs and thinking habits that are true, positive and empowering." 
-Dr. Tom Barrett author of  Dare to Dream and Work to Win

How are you staying focused and motivated?

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