Christmas Cards

We are trying to be economical with our Christmas Cards this year. As a business we want to say thank you to our customers for a wonderful year all the while being wise with our money. We started looking around ShutterflyThey have some festive, creative templates. Best of all they are inexpensive and EASY. We may need some help deciding...

This one titled Christmas Cookies is a great price point!

We like the cards that give you space to write a little message...

We could include all the office info with this Very Merry card.

We enjoy making an office calendar with our best pics from the year. Everyone loves them because of the pics, but we also include birthdays, anniversaries and event dates.
They are offering 30% off on their Calendars right now plus free shipping on all orders!

Then we saw the Thank You Cards. How cute would it be to send thank you cards with our staff pictured?
So which card do you like best?
Help us decide and tell us about the Christmas Cards you are sending this year!

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