Summer Heat Wave

What is going on with this summer heat wave? These temps are crazy, which is making people crazy. Are you noticing that people are acting a little strange? I know patience is running a little short around our office. The record-breaking, triple-digit heat is affecting more than just personal comfort.
Here are some ways to make the summer high temps work for you:

1. Stay Cool - What are you doing to make your customers, co-workers & vendors feel comfortable? Are
    you checking on them, making sure they are doing ok? Reach out & call someone today. You can make
    these calls in the comfort of air-conditioning which is a plus. Don't just talk business, ask how their family is
   doing in this heat. Your biz & soul will thank you.

2.  Stay Hydrated - How are you ensuring your work or business is not falling short this summer? Are you  
     taking steps to make sure everything is going well before there is a problem? That is key to keeping your
     business "hydrated". Doing the everyday tasks that keep it going in the heat. What are some steps you
     can take today to "hydrate" your office, work team, or business.

3. Stay AfloatFirst and foremost, the heat affects costs. Operating during the summer months, we try to be 
    as creative as possible when attracting new customers. Having people recognize us as a valuable summer
    investment becomes a high priority this time of year. We have to get creative with different events. An
   example is our "Beat the Heat" campaign. How can you get creative to increase sales?

Contact Night Owl to see how we can help you beat the heat during this summer heat wave.

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