Royal Wedding - One Kiss, Two Kiss

While watching the Royal Wedding at 4am my mind wandered to my business tasks that lay before me. As I marveled at the amazing event planning and marketing that the world was watching, I compared my business to the Royal Wedding.
Here are the 5 Things I learned from the Royal Wedding:

1. Don't let the Noise get to You.

Notice the 3 yr old bridesmaid in the left hand corner of the pic. She was miserable while everyone else around her was having a great time. Are you allowing the stress of a project, event or overall business get to you? Take steps to repair, refresh or rethink your business strategy. No one wants to work with the unhappy bridesmaid.

2. Don't Let them See Your Dress.

Are you keeping some excitement around what you do for your clients? The waiting to see Princess Kate's dress almost brought the crowd to a frenzy. Would it be as incredible as they imagined? What designer did she choose? Would she choose a long train? Oh how this dress symbolizes the potential we have to knock our client's proverbial socks off. How are you showing your clients what you can do for their business?

3. Deliver the Goods Royally.

The dress reveal was not a tease. Princess Kate & Prince William delivered. The dress was a knock out. The wedding was a 15. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing it went off only 5 mins off schedule and without a hitch. Well at least none the commoners could see.

4. Surround Yourself with Royalty.

Ok so maybe we don't have access to the royals. We do have access to quality co-workers & business partners. The Royal Wedding did not plan itself, nor did Prince William & Princess Kate plan the event themselves. They surrounded themselves with an excellent team & so should we. Who are you seeking for business advice? Who are you surrounding yourself with at the office?

5. Give them Two Kisses.

If you blinked you may have missed the first royal kiss between Prince William & Princess Kate. How many times have we done this in our business? We contact a potential client who is really interested & then forget to follow-up. Or we don't try to "sell" ourselves, we just shake hands & move on. Notice after the first kiss how the crowd wanted another? Take a cue & give your clients, potential clients or community a 2nd kiss. It's never too late to show them what you have to offer. That 2nd kiss was a winner!

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