Spark & Hustle 2011

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you know we attended the Spark & Hustle conference last weekend. This was the best conference I have attended. It even beat out an IT conference at Disney World.
Yes, it's that good. The goal of this conference is not to throw-up a whole bunch of great information. It is to give you actual tools for your tool box that you can use the minute you leave the conference. Before you stop reading know that the things I learned in this conference could apply to many, many things in my life. If you don't own your own business keep reading.
I have at least 10 things I have implemented this week. I will share my top 3.

1. Pitch It.
I'm not talking about the trash. We should be able to explain what we do in under a minute or less, it should intrigue our audience. What sets you apart? Why should anyone hire you? Make it client centered. 

2. Not About Sales, it's About Profit.
You are saying, but Night Owl if I increase my sales I create profit. Wrong. Adding another business, service, sale does not increase profit unless you know where your money goes after you deposit it in the bank. Look at your time like a diet or attorney - track everything. By everything, I mean down to the minute and you must write it down for a minimum of one week. I have been doing this for two days and all ready I am shocked. Our team is getting together to discuss the biggest shockers of their day. It's eye opening to see it in black and white.

3. Identify Multiple Revenue Streams & Collaborations.
The team that spoke on this topic were colleagues/friends who are hugely successful. 918Moms, 405Moms & Money Saving Queen. They identified in one business over 10 revenue streams. Amazing. One thing that reinforced what we do on our website, give compelling information for free. Yes. That's what they said, provide it for free. Why? Savvy customers want to know what you know and then you can build revenue from the information you provide. There a few ways to provide your information for free. Contact us to discuss.
You may be saying, I knew all this information. I did too, however I did not know the details. I did not know that others had gone before me and created businesses organically without investors. I'm talking national brands without business loans. These people shared how they did it in detail. That's the ROI from Spark and Hustle.

We will continue to share the S & H  information we are implementing here at Night Owl. If you are ready to have us implement solid business strategies for you, contact us today.
Simon T. Bailey shared this thought, "In this economy, the problems you solve are the solutions you find".
Night Owl is ready to bring your business solutions to the table.

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