Beating the Business Winter Blues

As a business owner you must juggle many tasks. In January & February that can be even more of a struggle due to the weather. Some may tend to hibernate during the cold, but business can not survive you checking out.  Here are a few tips to get you through the winter...

ExerciseIt isn’t just for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. It’s great for relieving the stresses of life. Plus, the effects of a good workout can last for several hours after you hit the showers. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, and your metabolism with stay elevated too. Exercise also helps your mind by releasing those "feel good chemicals" that improve your mood. 

Get more light. Move your desk to a window. Keep your shades open. Get outside even if it is brief. Getting the fresh air & limited sun even for a minute will lift your spirit. You may actually benefit from special light fixtures that have been shown in research to cheer people up during the wintertime. 

Make meetings outside the officeHumans are social beings and warm contact with those you care about has been shown to reduce stress. In one study, for example, a person asked to do mental arithmetic showed a smaller increase in blood pressure (an indication of how stressed she was) if accompanied to the task by a co-worker. Getting outside the office gets you moving & going which is another plus.

Consider doing some volunteer work. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so, volunteer work is extremely satisfying, showing that happiness does not necessarily involve making money. Rather, it often comes from feeling a comfortable part of the fabric of the society in which we live. Also, by helping others you make invaluable contacts for yourself in the future.

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