Ego Driven Neglect

Relationships make or break campaigns. Your relationships with clients, colleagues, social media friends and others will drive your marketing. Relationships lead to likes, retweets, shares, recommendations, blog posts and a thousand other mentions which makes internet marketing work. Don't neglect them. 
Your Ego can kill you. Ego-driven internet marketing can ruin the best campaign. Don't let it. Pick your SEO keywords based on your customer questions, not your own. Design your site for your visitors, not for your family.
Your Ego can save you. At the same time, understand you'll spend a long time shouting to your two followers.
Be confident that what you're doing will work and it takes time to build your business. Otherwise you'll end up in the modification u-turn of insanity, making one change after another, and getting no results.
Contact Night Owl to build your social media relationships. We enjoy driving your business and your ego.

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