Bounce Back and Recover

You can not only recover from negative feedback. You can turn it around and make it work for you. It just depends on what you do after receiving the negative feedback.

Professional development is a great way to improve your business skills. Part of that development is to listen to and act on feedback. Keep in mind not everyone delivers negative feedback well or at an appropriate time which makes listening with an open mind harder.
Regardless of how the ideas are delivered, it's to the listener's advantage to stay tuned in for potentially helpful information. While it feels great when your client loves absolutely everything you're doing, how do you know what adjustments to make if you don't hear new ideas or constructive criticism? New ideas call for you to change your current way of doing things.
Sometimes it's hard not to internalize criticism and become defensive. The goal is to set aside the urge to defend yourself and to be receptive to the input that can help you quickly improve.
Quicker improvement = Higher ROI

To look good after negative feedback and to use the information as an opportunity for rapid professional growth, there are three steps to remember:
Step One: When you get negative feedback ask yourself "Is this fact or opinion?"
With this initial step, you may get some emotional distance which helps you not internalize the criticism.
Step Two: Ask yourself: "Does this opinion matter in this context?"
First, of course, if  it is coming from a client or boss,  it matters! Second, notice the words "in this context." You'll want to remind yourself that in paying attention to the feedback of others, you consider their comments in the correct "context." For example, your clients tells you that you are too aggressive in meetings. This doesn't mean that in your personal life you cannot be the blunt, call-it-like-you-see-it person you've always been. It may mean that when you are with a client or in the public you may need to tone down your style.
Step Three: When receiving negative feedback say, "I've never looked at it that way. What suggestions do you have for me in the future?"
Let's look at it from a client's point of view for a moment...
Client says, "Johnny,  the degree to which you were assertive in the meeting isn't working in your favor."
Johnny says, "Wow, I'd hadn't looked at it like that before. What tips do you have for me in the future?"
How would you perceive Johnny? I bet Johnny just earned a raise!
Perhaps you are thinking you would see Johnny as respectful, professional, interested in improving, open to feedback.
That is exactly how you will be perceived when you follow these three steps for bouncing back after negative feedback. You will actually recover and create a positive image with your clients or in your professional life.
It is your choice in how you respond. Will you choose success?

Contact Night Owl to show you not only how to feel and perform better after negative feedback, but show you how your response to criticism can actually create more successful business.

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